Why I Do What I Do

I want to change the world. I want the world, and specifically the people on it, to be
more conscious, intentional, and aware of choices. I also want to bring healing where
there are wounded hearts and minds. And, I want both the consciousness raising and
the healing process to be engaging, stimulating, and where possible, joyous. These are
the ways I want to change the world.

I am a psychologist, and for over twenty years I have been in the business of changing
the world, one precious person at a time. As a therapist my work involves a variety of

  • I invite my clients to a conscious appraisal of themselves and their situation
  • I encourage clients to vision the possibility of living the life they want
  • I teach strategies for accomplishing value driven goals and support individuals intention toward self-awareness and life-transformation
  • When past injury is evident, I show the path to healing so clients can move unencumbered towards wholeness and health

I have gathered many effective and engaging tools during my professional life and have
used these tools and strategies to help people make changes. As a result of combining
my intentions with effective tools, I’ve been privileged to witness the unfolding of
courage, strength and healing in the lives of many people.

Changing the world requires much more than the healing of a individual’s wounds.
There is powerful work to do beyond removing the splinters, and stitching the gashes,
of unfairness and injury. My work also involves helping people find the ways to let their
light shine, their uniqueness unfold, and their possibilities be realized. This is both
powerful and spiritual work that involves looking at potential, believing in dreams, and
investing in these possibilities. As I have done with the tools of healing, I have gathered
many potent and effective tools designed to help people unfold and bloom into their

Through my investment in making individual lives more whole and abundant, I have
gathered a collection of implements, strategies, and tools to get this job done effectively.
My blog discusses these instruments and tools of the trade, looking at what works, how
it can be used, and to what end. I will explore the tools of others as well as my own
creations. These will include many handouts, topic summaries, and worksheets. I am a
visual and kinesthetic learner and so I will be sharing a variety of instruments that
appeal to this learning style. These include visual aides, card sorts, and manipulatable
materials that are used in the process of expanding awareness and teaching
foundational psychological and spiritual concepts.

This blog, Tools to Bloom, is an opportunity for me to write about what works and what
I know to be effective, in therapy and in life. I hope to create a dialogue about the ways in which therapists and healers have used tools, beyond their own presence, to bring about
transformation and change.

I welcome your participation.