About Courage to Bloom

Courage to Bloom is about creating awareness, empowerment, and growth for the inner world. It is a repository of psycho-educational tools and products, and a place where practiced ideas for healing, wholeness, and actualization are examined and discussed. Courage to Bloom embraces the notion that living a meaningful and joyful life is both possible and a natural outcome when intentions are set and impediments are cleared.

Courage to Bloom will give you ideas, tools and products to help you blossom into your fullest potential. Just as organic fertilizer helps plants bloom and produce new life, so the Courage to Bloom tools will assist you as you grow, unfold, and express your greatest potential (highest self). You will find here tools for healing and restoring damaged parts of the self, as well as tools for growth and transformation. Whatever the stage in the process toward wholeness, Courage to Bloom offers support, ideas, and strategies.

The information and products presented at Courage to Bloom are designed or gathered through my experience as a psychologist with 25 years in clinical practice. Each tool has two important qualities. First, it is effective in bringing about insight, change, or transformation. And secondly, it is engaging, creative, or playful, allowing you (the user) to be enticed into new awareness and knowledge (wisdom).

You may be an individual, wanting to learn about the strategies to help you become your very best. You will find many ideas of creative ways to explore yourself and help you on a journey toward wholeness. You may be a psychotherapist or professional coach, looking for tools to enhance your practice and help bring about change in your clients. This site will give you many powerful and engaging ideas for your transformational work.

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