How to Spot a Bully

How to Spot a Bully

Courage to Bloom is pleased to introduce a powerful new card deck for use in classroom, therapeutic settings or at-home. How to Spot a Bully is a one-of-a-kind anti-bullying educational tool.

Anti-Bullying Resource

The How to Spot a Bully card deck is:
• Playful & Engaging
• Highly adaptable
• Time Flexible – fill 2 minutes or 2 hours
• Useful for individuals and groups
• Comfortable for all maturity levels
• Perfect for teacher guided & student-led groups
• Excellent tool for individual use & reflection
• A valuable social-educational tool

Click here to shuffle through some of the How to Spot a Bully cards.

Bullying: A Difficult Topic

The How to Spot a Bully card deck lets you:
• Approach serious topics with fun, thought-provoking activities and excercises
• Specify prevalent qualities of bullying
• Identify a bullying problem around or within you
• Create meaningful discussions about a difficult topic
• Encourage conversation, curiosity, open dialogue
• Find workable solutions to bullying & bullying behaviors


26 Questions, 26 Solutions to Help Stop Bullying

The 26 question cards in the How to Spot a Bully deck help you identify the qualities of bullying behavior.

The back side of each card offers additional questions to help dig a little deeper to see and understand the detailed behavior associated with each bullying quality. Read and answer the questions to evaluate someone you think may be acting like a bully. Pile the cards to get visual feedback about how someone stacks up to being a bully..

26 solution cards offer strategies for responding to a bullying problem, whether you are

• being bullied
• observing bullying in others, or
• acting like a bully yourself
The cards help the challenging topic of bullying become a playful hands-on exploration. The specific qualities associated with bullying behavior will become clear, everything from dirty looks, to teasing, to cyber-bullying. The cards invite you to personally examine your own actions and see the steps you can take to stand up against bullying.

Help Stop Bullying!

Who can use the How to Spot a Bully deck?

• Individuals & Families to bring up or address bullying and bullying behavior
• School Counselors, with individuals or groups of students
• Classroom Teachers, making use of the many activities & exercises in the Classroom Guide
• Special Education Personnel
• School Administrators
• Psychologists, Social Workers & Therapists
• Nurses, Caregivers & Aides
• Law Enforcement
• Parents & Grandparents
• Clergy, Camp Counselors, Peer Mediators, & Other Professionals Working with Young People

How to Spot a Bully
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FREE Classroom Guide and FREE Group Discussion Guide are available as a pdf. Send us an email and we’ll send you the guide.

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