Distorted Thinking Cards

This is a powerful tool for clinical practice. The deck of 37 cards takes the familiar topic of cognitive distortions and provides an engaging means for introducing and exploring the concept with clients. The Distorted Thinking Card set includes 15 Distortion Builder cards identifying the typical patterns for creating harmful beliefs. 12 Distortion Buster cards identifying common methods for rectifying a negative thinking habit. 8 Scenario cards help clients take benign situations and experiment with building and busting apart distorted thinking patterns. The cards and instructions come in an attractive and durable muslin bag.

The Distortion Builders identify the common distorted thoughts that create emotional disturbance. Each distortion is identified on a separate card so clients can lay out the cards in order of their frequency or intensity of use. The Distortion Busters offer counterparts to the distortion used to bust the distortions apart. The cards provide an engaging and playful means for exploring an often dry topic of therapy. The set comes with 15 Builder cards, 12 Buster cards, 8 Scenario cards, and easy instruction cards.


Price: $25.00

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