Circle of 6 – iphone app to prevent rape & abuse

There’s a new iphone app designed to prevent sexual assault and dating violence. The Circle of 6 won the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge last November. This free app allows the user to designate trusted contacts that can be called upon at the touch of a button to offer protection if the user feels in danger.

If you’re out and feel in danger, you can use this app in several ways; to call an emergency hotline, to ask a friend to come get you, request a friend to call to interrupt you, or go to a chat line where you can ask questions about healthy verses abusive relationship qualities.

This is an example of the positive use of technology to protect and educate about healthy partnerships. Pair the Circle of 6 with The Questions, an app for examining a love interest to see if they match your values and preferences, and you will have, in your pocket, tools for both physical and emotional protection.