Good Relationship Advice in a Humorous Context

Sometimes a little laughter is a precious thing, especially when discussing powerful issues like relationship choice and management. Madea, the saucy, irreverent character designed by Tyler Perry, spouts some sound wisdom in the following YouTube video.

Medea Gives Relationship Advice

In this scene, Madea makes several important points about partnership choices. She speaks loudly about our inability to change others. She quotes Maya Angelou who says, “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.” She tells her son to pay attention to the small voices of doubt and to ask a lot of questions. Madea talks about the importance of honesty in relationships, and encourages her son to let go of someone go when they are no longer interested in the relationship. This 10 minute video is packed with a combination of laughter and wisdom.

I believe relationship advice is often hard to take. Our excitement, infatuation, and investment in relationships can so color our perceptions that real areas of doubt or concern get ignored or dismissed. My Things to Know Before You Say “Go” cards is my attempt to invite a critical examination of relationship choices using a playful method. The cards make this challenging topic a bit more engaging, allowing people to stay involved in a serious exploration of their choices and their potential consequences.