How to Spot a Bully

The How to Spot a Bully card deck is hot off the press! This is a powerful new set of cards designed to help people know if they are in a relationship with a bully. With the current media focus on the problem of bullying this deck is a timely response offering a means for exploring and solving bullying problems.

The deck identifies 26 qualities of bullying, each in the form of a question on individual cards. The main question, on the front of the card, is expanded in detailed sub-questions, on the back. The nuances of bullying behavior are specified, and detection of harmful relationships are made obvious and clear. Three sets of solutions will help the reader know what to do if they are; a) being bullied, b) observing bullying of another, or c) acting like a bully themselves.

This is a hands-on approach to understanding bullying and, more importantly, a psychologically sound set of solutions for managing and resolving disrespectful bullying relationships. The success of the Things to Know Before You Say “Go” card deck has shown the value of using a card deck format for assessing and teaching healthy relationship qualities. How to Spot a Bully offers another interactive teaching-tool deck that is informative, decisive, and engaging.

The How to Spot a Bully deck is ideal for therapists and counselors discussing the problems and solutions for bullying in a one-on-one relationship. It also works well for teachers discussing bullying with their classrooms. I am hoping to test drive the effectiveness of using this deck to create community workshops. This would offer a wonderful means for young professionals to contribute to a community conversation and build a reputation as a solution focused practitioner. I am offering a free discussion guide to those that might be interested in creating such a community dialogue. Send me an email and I’ll send you a copy of the guide.

I’m taking the How to Spot a Bully cards to the Girl Bullying Conference, June 28-30, in Atlanta, GA. I will make a presentation on how to use the cards to teach about bully management and I will be exhibiting these cards at the conference.

You can see more about the deck at Let me know what you think.