I love helping people unfold into their fullest potential. This has been my work for 25 years as a psychologist. Now, as I redefine what makes me alive and passionate, I am wanting to train other therapists to find and live their passions. I have offered supervision of psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists for the past eight years. Training the next generation of helpers and healers is a powerful activity and a professional privilege. You can find out about my supervision services at


The Psychotherapy Toolkit Workshop

Because of my fascination and love for effective therapy tools I have been collecting and creating tools since I began my practice over 25 years ago. In the past several years I have begun sharing my tools in a workshop format called The Psychotherapy Toolkit Workshop. The workshop is an exciting opportunity to expose other professionals to the use of kinesthetic and visual strategies for psycho-educational training in therapy. My toolkit includes 66 regularly used handouts, 38 of which are my own creation. in addition to handouts, I demonstrate the use of dozens of hands-on teaching tools that engage clients in the process of learning new concepts and skills. Additionally, I demonstrate the use of dozens of hands-on teaching tools that engage clients in the process of learning new concepts and skills. I am always looking for new tools to enhance my efforts and keep me creatively connected to my work. If you have a tool, handout or effective strategy you wish to share, please contact me. I would be glad to review it and offer you feedback or possibly review it in my blog.

Moms in the know

This four week workshop is for mothers who wish to explore ways to talk with their sons and daughters about the powerful topic of romantic relationships, before they get into them! Moms of teens and preteens examine the attitudes and skills that allow for open dialogue. The Things to Know Before You Say “Go” cards are used in this process.

Let’s Talk About Romance

Mothers and teen daughters come together to discuss the challenges of listening to each other’s concerns about relationships. Separately the girls discuss their desires and conflicts while the mothers talk together about their hopes and difficulties. With regular opportunities for focused dialogue, the mothers and daughters take turns listening and speaking.

How to Spot a Bully

Do you know the essential qualities of bullying? Do you know what to do if you are being bullied or observing someone being bullied? This workshop will give you the tools to identify bullying when it’s happening. You will also learn the specific action steps you can take to prevent and manage bullying of yourself or another. Additionally, you will learn to spot bullying behavior in yourself and turn these interactions into respectful contact with others. How to Spot a Bully presentations are offered to schools, workplace settings, and community organizations for children as well as adults.

Classroom Trainings/Guest Lectures

I provide workshops on topics related to effective therapy tools, relationship preparedness, managing bullying, and internal parenting.


Therapist Coaching

As a therapist’s coach I offer support and encouragement to those who are wanting creative engagement in their work. As your coach I will help clarify your vision and intention for your work and identify the strengths and skills you bring to your professional interactions. I delight in fanning the creative spark in you to identify the unique talents and skills you bring to your work. When clients see you are passionately committed to your own fullness they will be drawn to your assistance in bringing the best out of them.

Therapy Practice Building

I have created three private practices in my 25 years as a therapist, one in Los Angeles, one in Milwaukie, Oregon, and my current practice in Portland, Oregon. I know the ropes. I enjoy working with therapists to find creative ways to get their name and reputation known. I offer tools specifically designed to build a private practice through community engagement. If you are interested in enhancing and building your client base you may contact me for a consultation.

Guest Speaking/Symposiums

Please call my office to arrange for a speaking engagement on any of the following topics:
Preparing Teens for Romance
Pyschotherapy Tools
Internal Parenting/Reconnecting with the Lost Self
Managing Bullying

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