GROK Cards

I love these cards! Grok Cards were developed by Jean Morrison and Christine King as a tool for teaching Nonviolent Communiction. The card set includes 54 feelings cards and 54 needs/values cards, along with instructions for 15 games. GROK games are designed to increase understanding, listening, and communication. The games can be used with children as well as adults. The cards are very simple, just words on cards, no decorations, but their power is in their simplicity.

When I’m working with a client who is unfamiliar with feeling language, the feeling cards are useful for the client to sort through to find the exact word that captures their experience. When practicing empathy skills, the cards are a great tool to help the client find just the right word to reflect back to the sender of a message. I still use feeling lists (my favorite one being the one organized by categories of feelings) but I find the feeling cards more playful and particularly satisfying for the kinesthetic learner.

The need cards are valuable when helping clients understand the underlying dynamic that is driving their own or another person’s behavior. Clients don’t often think about needs or see the value of identifying them. The emphasis on needs is one of the cornerstones of Nonviolent Communication. Expressing and reflecting needs is an essential skill in healthy and effective communicating. When clients are stuck trying to find language for needs, the GROK cards are a very useful tool.

The cards are inexpensive, $12 for the set of two decks and game instructions. They are available at Communicate for Life.

The Grok feelings and needs are also available as an iPhone app. Check it out on iTunes. You can now have a list of feelings and needs right at your fingertips!