An App is Born!

In March of 2009, I approached several design firms here in Portland to see if I might find someone interested in taking my Things to Know Before You Say “Go” cards and transforming them into an iPhone app. I spoke with several developers and pitched my idea. Nat and Erin, from Night and Day Studios, met with me and liked my vision. They took a deck and agreed to think things over. The following Monday, Erin called with an interest in meeting again to talk about starting the project. Little did I know Nat and Erin were a couple. They had taken the deck with them on their anniversary weekend and fell in love with the power of the cards. They were excited by the possibilities of turning the card deck into a provocative digital download for exploring partnership.

Eight months later (November 2010) we are launching The Questions app. This is the first digital tool to give people, young and old, the opportunity to explore the important questions in partnership selection, right on their iPhone. It will allow romance seekers to be choiceful, conscious, and intentional about the partners they draw into their life, and will provide insight about partnerships as they develop. The Questions is all about bringing consciousness to men and women about relationships, one tap at a time.

To entice the masses we’ve made a free version of the app with ten cards, called The Questions Lite. This, and the full version (for only $3.99), can be downloaded from iTunes.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this fun and effective tool with the public, in a newly portable and easy-to-reference format.