The App World is Exploding!

You’ve heard the sound bite: “There’s an App for that!” And it’s true, there is quite literally an app for almost anything you can think of, from cooking, to gift giving, from quick fun apps navigating local happy hour events to depthful self-improvement, psychological and live-your-best-life lifestyle apps (like my app for relationship exploration, The Questions).

Because I have a great deal of interest in the various means for passing on psychological wisdom and in tools for inspiring growth, I have been exploring the wealth of options available to individuals and clients, including those available in the form of apps (which are convenient, portable, easily accessible, and terrifically affordable). I’ve been surprised at the breadth of options available in psychology-focused apps, both for therapists, individuals in therapy, and those just looking for good quality tools for personal growth and development. It’s true, there are a lot of throw-away or silly apps in the mix, but there are a remarkable number of exceptional, high-quality and intensely thoughtful psychology-based apps out there.

Recently I found reviews of some of the best psychological apps for iPhone users. I’ve not yet had the chance to peruse each of them myself, but very much look forward to doing so over the next few months:

Technology for Psychologists (full disclosure – The Questions is on this list).

The Psych Files: Top 10 Psychology apps for iPhone and iPad (video)

What about you? Any favorites to recommend?