Selves in a Box

I recently became acquainted with J. Tamara Stone’s Selves in a Box. This set of 52 cards and comprehensive Guide book offers a thorough exploration of the basics of Voice Dialogue (a therapeutic model developed by the author’s father and step-mother, Hal and Sidra Stone).

The cards suggest names of various sub-personalities typical of all individuals. The images on the cards are beautifully rendered by Madeline Hopkins. These sub-personalities, or possible selves, include The Perfectionist, The Day Dreamer, The Free Spirit, and The Judge. These are common aspects of an individuals inner chorus. The beauty of the cards is in demystifying and depatholigizing the idea of sub-personalities. I find helping people see their inner committee members is one of the best ways to bring about transformation and inner contentment.

The Guide book accompanying the cards offers descriptions of how the cards can be used in therapeutic settings or alone. Each card quality is discussed in regards to where, on the spectrum between Primary and Disowned, this characteristic falls for any individual. Then the costs of it’s position within this spectrum are explored.

This deck is a treasure! The packaging is unfortunately poorly designed (the cards don’t fit neatly in the box) but the content is indispensable for any therapist who uses a sub-personality model (e.g.: Psychosynthesis, Internal Family Systems, etc.).