Doing What We Envision

I am aware of how important visioning is in advancing us toward our achieving goals. I know this theoretically but, more powerfully, at a very personal level. I recall a therapist asking me if I was practicing active visualization when I was looking for an office building to house my practice. The question caught me off guard because I was not in the process of visioning the details and specifics of that dream. Once I began visioning the dream moved (slowly) into possibility and finally into actuality.

This same visioning power has brought me to the place in my life where I am today, sharing publicly the tools for personal transformation and change. Recently, I had two different opportunities to present my Things to Know Before You Say “Go” cards and the app version called The Questions (my favorite tools) on local television stations. Although I was nervous and imperfect I showed up anyway and took the opportunity to step closer to my vision of sharing psycho-educational tools with the public.

I start all new therapy clients with the task of identifying their specific goals for therapy. This process elicits clarity about what they are seeking (future focus) and helps to identify possible solutions (solution focus). The vision of these things is a powerful first step towards change, and something they can carry through their therapy process and into action.

So, three cheers for visioning, three cheers for taking small steady steps, and three cheers for bringing dreams into reality. There are so many possibilities open to all of us.

You can watch my first (tenuous and imperfect but as courageous and bloom-filled as possible) steps into public speaking at the links below.

KATU Portland – AM Northwest February 16, 2011

KPTV Portland – Good Day Portland February 23, 2011