Tools from Others

Tools from Others

Emotional Disturbance in a Nutshell is my favorite REBT handout. I give it to almost every client. See my blog post about this handout.

My second favorite handout is from Dr. Jordan Paul, called Paths Through Conflict. It is an excellent flowchart of the options when encountering conflict in a relationship.

A wonderful tool for identifying strengths is Martin Seligman’s VIA Survey of Character Strengths. I suggest this test to my clients as a way for them to get clarity about their values. I offer a follow up handout, Using your VIA Scores, so clients can learn how to integrate their strengths into their daily lives. See my blog post about this tool.

Dr. Matthew Whalley manages the Psychology Tools website. This is a treasure trove of useful tools for use in therapy. An incredible collection of useful handouts!

Healthy Emotion Regulation Strategies Pyramid is a powerful visual tool from Dr. Alice Boyles ( This pyramid shows the strategies to use to create healthy emotional balance.

Need a list of questions to ask about yourself or your relationship? Neil Rosenthal has gathered dozens of quizzes from many authors on his Heart Relationships website.

Self-Defeating Flowchart is a handy visual from Dr. Alice Boyles ( for how to get out of a self-defeating pattern.

The Dialogue vs. Debate handout contrasts the two styles of discourse. Adapted from a paper prepared by Shelley Berman, which was based on discussions of the Dialogue Group of the Boston Chapter of Educators for Social Responsibility.