The “Things To Know” Cards

Essential Questions Your Clients Should Ask BEFORE They Give Their Heart Away

The “Things To Know” Cards are a powerful way to teach your clients how to be selective when choosing a romantic partner.


Don’t Let Your Clients Make The Same Relationship Mistakes Over And Over

It’s time for your clients to stop wasting their time on bad relationships. SHOW them what they have learned from their past “mistakes” and set them up for successful romance in the future.


Help Your Clients Select An Emotionally Healthy Partner

Finding someone healthy isn’t always easy. The “Things To Know” cards will finally show your clients the essential issues to consider when looking for a romantic partner. Each of these cards are great conversation starters, whether between you and your client or the client and their potential partner.


Show Clients How To Find Partners That Match Their Values

Before your clients can find a healthy partner, they need to clearly understand what THEIR values are. The “Things To Know” Cards will teach your clients how to identify their preferences and values in romance, help them figure out their deal-breakers, and teach them how to assess the other person BEFORE it’s too late.


Tips For Using The “Things To Know” Cards

The “Things To Know” Cards are a kinesthetic tool that can be sorted into piles based on varying questions or intentions, such as:

  • What information matters most to me in a romantic relationship?
  • How does my current love interest match up with my values and desires?
  • Why did my last relationship fail? What did I neglect to understand?
  • Do I have what it takes to create a healthy relationship?
  • What do I want my daughter or son to understand about partnership choices?

By examining the cards and answering the 76 questions, you enter into a very personal and extraordinary exploration of values, desires, and limits. Your clients will discover how much they know or don’t know about their expectations for future, current, or past relationships. The cards will stir deep dialogue with another person and/or they can be used in personal contemplation and reflection. No matter how they are sorted, explored, or discussed, these cards are sure to lead you to new knowledge about yourself and relationships.


Cost & Shipping

The cards and book are packaged in a sturdy box for use over and over again. The Things to Know Cards sells for $29.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling charge, for a total of $34.90.




“These cards are great. A most illuminating way to vet out any relationship.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

I just used the “Things to Know Before You Say Go” card deck today with a single male client who was uncertain about how serious he was in a new relationship.  He found it helpful to sort out what was important and what was not and to recognize the qualities he was seeking in a committed, long term relationship. A useful tool!
Peter A. Powers, Ph.D., LLC

Just had an opportunity to use your cards with 16 yr old today.  She was totally delighted and wanted to get her own set! I read pertinent questions to her, she answered, then read back of card aloud–leading to great discussions. Then she went through the deck, picking questions that attracted her….is excited to do more next week!  Bravo to you!
Beth Quackenbush, Psy.D.

“These cards are immediately accessible and welcoming. The ideas and issues are simple — but hardly simplistic. Great self-conversation starters.  For someone in the throes of new love, they are the voice of calm and reason — maybe not what someone in the throes wants to hear…but what they should hear. Congratulations on a terrific, wise-without-pretense product.”
Lauren Kessler, Author of My Teenage Werewolf


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