A New Way to Stack the Cards

Recently, I was at the Oregon Counseling Association Fall Conference exhibiting my Courage to Bloom products. A counseling graduate student from Western Seminary came joyfully up to my display and exclaimed, “These are the cards I used in my Human Sexuality class!” He introduced himself and shared how he heard about the cards from his professor and had opportunities in class to play with the cards as if introducing them to clients. He came up with a very clever way to sort the cards and shared this method with me.

Using index cards he made a grid with three columns and four rows. The column headings were about the value of the issue on the card, according to the client. The headings were; Important, Not as Important, and Unimportant/Irrelevant. The four rows were the client’s response to the question as it related to the person being evaluated. These rows were titled; Positive, Negative, Neutral, and Don’t Know. As the client sorted the cards into this grid they were asked to talk about each card question and explain its placement on the grid (e.g. Important issue with a negative response, or an unimportant issue with a don’t know response, etc.). He claimed this was a powerful way to develop deep conversations. The amount of cards in each quadrant, and the issues these cards represented, offered opportunities for reflection and feedback.

The student graciously gave me permission to share his method in hopes others would benefit from his experience. I’ve included an image of this layout below.