Psychotherapy Handout: Identifying Your Strengths

When you begin the process of personal growth and change, the road can often feel steep and rough. One way to approach this journey, and make your path a bit easier, is to take steps from a place of strength within yourself. Taking a strength based approach towards change can help you feel more courageous, capable, and willing.

Martin Seligman, Ph.D., past president of APA and one of the founders of Positive Psychology, developed the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. VIA stands for Values in Action. This test is offered free on his Authentic Happiness website.

I suggest this tool to most of my clients as a way to help them clarify their strengths and values so they can approach life’s challenges from a place of strength and courage. I created a handout about Using your VIA Scores that I offer my clients to help them know the various ways strengths can be used to get traction and movement through the hassles and conflicts in life.

This and other wonderful therapy tools are available on my Tools from Others webpage.