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KATU Portland – AM Northwest, February 16, 2011

KPTV Portland – Good Day Portland, February 23, 2011

Author’s Forum Interview Part 1, and Part 2 with Dr. Veronica Esagui – November 15, 2011

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Videos of The Questions iPhone app

1) For Sweethearts

For Sweethearts is up on YouTube! This beautifully shot video shows a young couple exploring The Questions together in the early phases of a blossoming romance. As sweethearts consider new love The Questions are a wonderful way to discuss powerful issues that, if in sync, can lead to a sweet and sustainable partnership.

I’ve heard many stories of couples using The Questions together to deepen their understanding of each other and express individual values and preferences. Having the questions available on the iPhone makes these conversation starters accessible anytime and in any setting.

The video features Kate Raphael’s expert videographic skills and creativity. She captures the pondering and excitement of potential lasting love.

2) Open Your Heart To Love

“Open Your Heart to Love with The Questions,” a video by filmmaker Kate Raphael, depicts the experience of two friends engaged in the typical activities and interactions of teenage girls, including exchanges about the delicate, and sometimes mystifying, world of dating and relationships.

The short film manages to capture the energy and excitement surrounding young women at that unique stage of development, when love, romance and connection are being newly explored in depth. The imagery and music allow the viewer to catch a glimpse of this emergent time in a young woman’s life, as she contemplates a dive into the deeper waters of love and partnership. It presents a scenario in which a concerned friend reaches out, in the spirit of sisterhood and gentleness, to help her friend ask some important questions about caring for her heart.

The video is part of a series created to highlight the many different ways individuals, couples or parents and children might explore The Questions app. The Questions app is a valuable new tool for relationship assessment, developed for the iPhone by Dr. Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD and Night & Day Studios.

The app offers a playful and engaging way to assess and ponder the qualities of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, lover, or mate. The gentle relationship guidance inherent in the 76 thought-provoking questions (to which there are no RIGHT or WRONG answers) allows users to set back from the rush and thrill of new romance long enough to determine if their heart is in good hands.

3) Help for Talking About the Hard Stuff

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What parent doesn’t want their teen equipped with the ability to evaluate their love interests? Parents can use The Questions app to spark discussions about values, preferences and hopes for romantic choices.

When given as a gift, The Questions offers teens the wisdom of a caring parent at the tip of their fingers. It’s a gift that says, “I want the very best for you, be picky, protect your heart, and explore with your eyes wide open.”

This is our third video by Portland videographer Kate Raphael. She depicts engaged parents playfully and naturally introducing deeper questions about love and relationships to their teenage children.

For more information about The Questions app, please visit the website.

A FREE 10-card version of The Questions is available at this site along with the full version for only $3.99.

The Questions app is an adaptation of work by Dr. Elsbeth Martindale and her Things to Know Before You Say “Go” card deck and accompanying book, currently being developed as curriculum and featured in workshops led by Dr. Martindale in the Portland, Oregon.

Radio Interviews

Listen to an interview on Speaking With …, between Dr. Martindale and Carl Thorton, Jr. from June 28, 2011.

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